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How to Make Money with Surveys.

Surveys are great way to earn some extra money in your spare time. You wonít get rich, but you can have fun taking the online surveys and then cashing your checks.

Step 01.

Join  This company is totally legitimate and free to join. You must be willing to agree not to discuss the surveyís you take with others. You can earn points to turn in for cash and prizes and participate in the car give away, and the $5,000 give away.

Step 02.

Fill out your contact information. They need to know where to send the checks and how to contact you if they have any questions.

Step 03.

Fill out your household information. This is necessary because some companies may want to survey momís of 7 years old. Others may be interested in a product for individuals over 50. Your household information will help determine if you are right for a certain set of surveys.

Step 04.

Check whether you or not you agree to keep the survey topics and test products a secret. Surveys are conducted before a product goes live. Companies donít want to announce the product until they are sure it is going to do well.